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How to Wear a Medical Mask Properly

Recommendation: Change every 3-5 hours

1.     Wash your hands before wearing the mask and avoid touching your face whilst wearing the mask.

2.     Hold the mask through the ear loops with the colored side facing outwards and place a loop around each ear.

3.      Pinch the nose clip so that it gently presses against the bridge of your nose.

4.       Pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin.


Precautions & Warnings:

  1. Keep the mask flat with the inner surface facing towards you to ensure that it is kept clean.

  2. Fold the mask gently to avoid breaking the nose clip.

  3. Do not wear if you suffer from dyspnea.

  4. Do not wear during sleep.

  5. The mask is not recommended for children under three years of age.

  6. Do not use when the oxygen density is greater than 18%.

  7. Do not attempt to wash the mask.

  8. Please follow the instructions on this box to ensure the mask is worn properly.

  9. The masks are disposable, single-use only.

  10. Keep masks away from liquids and flame at all times.

  11. Dispose the used mask in a lidded rubbish bin.


Do not use if:

1.      You are allergic to non-woven products.

2.      The packaging is damaged.



Inner Layer

Polypropylene Spunbond

Non-woven Fabric

keeps your skin comfortable


Middle Layer

Melt Blown Polypropylene Fabric

Filters non-oily particles in the air


Outer Layer

Spun lace Non-woven Fabric

Suitable for industrial use in medical and health, hygiene and beauty


Hypoallergenic and Latex-free


Storage Conditions:

The masks need to be stored at room temperature in a dry area, with good ventilation, away from

direct sunlight.


Guarantee Period:

24 Months








A)       本產品品質保證期為由生產日起24個月。

B)      口罩必須存放於清潔、乾爽、免陽光直授照射的地方,以防止受污染。

C)      選擇合適尺碼的外科口罩,兒童可選擇兒童尺碼。

D)     而基於安全理由,不建議以下人士佩戴口罩:




E)      佩戴外科口罩前,應先潔手。

F)      要讓外科口罩聚點面部:

1. 外科口罩由三層物料組成,外層防液體飛濺,中層作為屏障阻截病菌,內層吸收配戴者釋出的濕氣和水分。一般而言,有顏色/摺紋向下的一面向外有金屬條的一面向上。本產品為掛耳式外科口罩,把橡筋繞在耳朵上,使口罩貼緊面部。

2. 拉開外科口罩,使口罩完全覆蓋口、鼻和下巴。

3. 把外科口罩的金屬條沿鼻樑兩側按緊,使口罩緊貼面部。

G)     佩戴外科口罩後,應避免觸摸口罩。若必須觸摸口罩,在觸摸前後都要徹底潔手。

H)     卸除掛耳式的外科口罩時,把口罩的橡筋從雙耳除下。在卸除口罩時,應盡量避免觸口罩向外部份,因這部份可能已沾染病菌。

I)     將卸除的外科口罩棄置於有蓋垃圾桶內,然後立即潔手。

J)        適時更換口罩。一般而害,外科口罩不可重復使用。另外,口罩如有破或弄汚,應立即更換。







ASTM F2100-19 LEVEL 3



ISO 14644-1:2015 Class 8 Cleanroom Classification


Regular Size: 175mm x 95mm

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